Here comes the Bride

What an amazing and exciting experience organising your wedding can be, and we would love to be a part of it. 
The team at Boo Shi create bespoke designs tailored to each Bride and Groom and their wedding day.  Boo Shi offers a personalised service for your wedding floral as we believe you both deserve a unique and signature design on your special day.

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"Our flowers are of premium quality and our designs are made with love, creative flair and passion.
Our service is personalised and professional, our eye for detail is second to none."

Styling services

If you are in need of Boo Shi styling for your wedding, we can organise a range of hire items to complement your ceremony and reception. Whether its simple styling for your ceremony such as aisle carpets, floral arch and outdoor chairs, or bigger styling services of the decorative details for the whole day we have the contacts to make it happen.

If you are interested in discussing your special day with a Boo Shi creative please contact us. We would love to see you at our Stanmore studio for a personal consultation.